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Hark Yoga offers a range of yoga and meditation classes as well as other wellbeing workshops, events and community activities ensuring there’s something for everyone to attend and feel part of the community.

  • ​Bookings are recommended and can be made either online or via the MindBody app.​  Walk-ins are also welcome.

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins.

  • Mats and props are provided or you are welcome to bring your own.  Please bring a towel to every class (also available to hire).

  • Ensure you're properly hydrated and ideally refrain from eating anything heavy for at least 2 hours prior to class.

  • Let the teacher know if you have any injuries, are pregnant or any other relevant information so they can offer the appropriate variations to ensure you practice safely.

  • Please turn your phone off. 

  • Please be respectful of your own space and of others practicing alongside you.

  • Please keep the studio clear and put all belongings in the pigeon holes provided.

  • Please clean and put away any props you have borrowed.

  • Please click HERE to read the studio's COVID-19 guidelines.

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