A selection of some of our favourite songs and playlists to inspire you.

The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra: Heal Yourself, Heal the World. 


For centuries, yogis have turned to the “Great Death-conquering Mantra” whenever there is listlessness, stress, grief, illness or a fear of death.  A supremely, healing mantra it instills the person chanting it with mental, emotional and physical health.  This is one of two mantras that hold the highest spiritual and religious importance in Hindu mythology and is a prayer to Lord Shiva to overcome death.  A wonderful mantra to chant to not only honour those that have passed but also for healing and grieving.


There are many versions of the great mantra, we particularly love this one by Katie Underwood.

Maha Gayatri Mantra


Gayatri is said to be the oldest and greater of the Vedic mantras - Maha meaning great. It is a request to the Divine to remove obstacles of our mind, to show us the truth and to guide us on a higher path.  It talks about connecting to the light of true and right knowledge.  Through repetition, this mantra is said to project you and allow you to shine from the inside out.


There are many versions of the great mantra, we particularly love this one by Deva Premal.

Yoga Flow Playlist - Leanne


An awesome yoga playlist can take your start-of-the-day yoga practice to the next level or help to energise you after a hard day. Here are some great tunes to listen to while you flow - click to listen 

Yin Yoga / Meditation Playlist - Leanne


Need a break from your sweaty flow yoga practice? These soothing tunes will help you sink into deep relaxation whether you are practicing Yin, meditating or just need some relaxing music to help you chill out - click to listen

Yoga Nidra / Meditation Playlist - Mel


Melt deeper in to your Yoga Nidra or meditation practices with these soothing sounds - click to listen

Yoga Flow Playlist - Mel


A mix of modern and traditional tunes to get you flowing - click to listen

Yin Yoga / Meditation Playlist - Mel


This calming playlist will help you quieten the noise of the outside world allowing you to slow down and soften - click to listen

Flow & Yin Playlist - Leanne


A deliciously slow playlist to allow you to dive deeper into your practice, taking the time to focus on the fluidity as we release from one pose to the next - click to listen

Flow Playlist - Mel


The perfect soundtrack for your faster flows, this music will get you moving! - click to listen