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updated 15 November 2020


The health and well-being of our students and teachers is our highest priority. We ask that you read, understand and follow the below guidelines to ensure that we maintain the highest level of hygiene and safety at all times in order to provide a yoga space for everyone to enjoy.  These guidelines will be updated as new information is received from the government and health authorities so please check this page regularly.


Physical Distancing

To limit person-to-person contact as much as possible, the following physical distancing measures are being implemented:

  • Please place your mat in the floor markings provided.

  • Please observe all signage located throughout the studio.

  • As per the current density quotient (1 person per 4sqm) there is a limit of 14 students and 1 teacher per class.  We highly recommend booking your class online beforehand to avoid disappointment.  You may may cancel a class booking up until 3hrs before the class start time. Late Cancel or No Show fees will apply: see T&C’s

  • Only 1 person is permitted in reception at a time; please wait outside the studio until it is your turn to enter.

  • Please promptly exit the studio once your class has finished.  

  • The change area and kitchen facilities are limited to 6 people at any one time.


Mask Etiquette

  • Unless medically exempt, you must wear a mask in the studio. 

  • During class you may temporarily remove your mask if you are having difficulty breathing.

  • If you have removed your mask, you must put it back on before leaving your mat.


Hygiene & Cleanliness

To ensure everyone’s comfort and safety, we ask that you practice good hygiene whilst in the studio.

  • Please use hand sanitiser upon immediately entering the studio and regularly use hand wash and/or sanitiser whilst in the studio.

  • Refrain from touching your mouth, nose or eyes.

  • Refrain from touching surfaces as much as possible when in the studio.

  • Please cough into your arm or tissue.

  • Bring as little belongings with you as possible.  Items should be placed in the pigeonholes and your pigeonhole wiped down after use.

  • Use the disinfectant spray and paper towels provided to wipe down surfaces as necessary and place paper towels in the bin.

  • Bring a towel to place over your mat during practice.  This applies whether you are using a studio mat or your own.  Towels are available to hire if you don’t have your own.

  • BYO props such as mats, bolsters, blocks, blankets and eye pillows as none (with the exception of mats) will be available to use in the studio.

  • Mats are available to hire, however must be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant spray and paper towel after use. Please discard the paper towel in bins provided.



Make sure you know the signs of the Coronavirus and if you are showing any symptoms or are feeling unwell, please do not come to the studio.